What is known about the effect of therapeutic hypothermia or torpor on the mental state and cognitive function of the patient? My concern is that upon waking up after ~180 days of sleep, some or all of the crew might not be prepared to function at a high level in a demanding environment.

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Currently there is no data available on the effects of long-term Torpor on mental, physical or cognitive function. Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH) is only used by the medical community on critically injured or ill patients. These patients have baseline mental, physical and/or cognitive function impairment due to these injuries, making isolating the long-term effects of Torpor hard to predict.

However, hibernating animals like the black bear can be aroused and fully functional in a very short period of time to protect themselves while in torpor. This would suggest it is plausible that humans may be able to awaken from prolonged torpor with minimal affect to mental, physical or cognitive function. Researchers around the world are actively studying this process in animals to understand exactly how and why it works. This is also something we can conduct human trials for here on Earth before attempting it in a space environment.