Is there a way to predict or prevent the medical side effects from occurring (while the crewmembers are in Torpor)?

Patients that undergo Therapeutic Hypothermia do not all respond in the same physiologic manner. Some patients have a very strong shiver response that requires multiple large doses of sedation medications to control while others have only mild or no shivering response at all. Similarly, the effects on patient heart rate, blood pressure, coagulation factors, white blood cells and blood sugar are all widely variable. This would indicate that some patients are just better suited to handle the physiologic effects of TH than others. In addition, there is some evidence from patients that have undergone repeat cycles of Therapeutic Hypothermia that the body becomes accustomed to the physical changes that occur, resulting in decreased physiologic complications.

Because of this it would be feasible to place all available astronauts from the mission pool under short test cycles of TH and identify which ones are least likely to have complications. In addition, crew members that were mission critical or had moderate to mild complications may be able to be conditioned for the Torpor state by undergoing short repeat cycles.