What other spin off benefits do you anticipate?

Medically, the alternate uses of therapeutic hypothermia and sustaining a reduced metabolic condition are still being determined. Research has shown some benefits such as significantly reducing the growth rate of tumors (growth currently resumes upon rewarming) and lowering internal cranial pressure (ICP).

The U.S. military is already very interested in the ability to slow down human metabolism in order to increase the time available to provide critically wounded soldiers with proper care. Our proposed approach is obviously synergistic with those goals.

Similar to the military’s goal, this capability could be used on non-Torpor Mars missions in the event of a serious injury. After putting the injured crewmember in stasis, the rest of the crew would have more time to communicate with doctors on Earth to evaluate the situation and recommend the best solution. This is especially important given the signal time delay between Earth and Mars that can range from 4 to 21 minutes.