What is the purpose of this project?

In short, we are studying the feasibility of putting a Mars-bound crew in a deep-sleep stasis during the 6 to 9-month transfer periods between the Earth and Mars. Currently, we are not performing any actual experiments or clinical trials. Our medical team is examining the existing body of data and case studies for the application of Therapeutic Hypothermia (TH), also known as Targeted Temperature Management (TTM) as our starting point. Building on this medical practice, we are developing the capability to enable prolonged human stasis and metabolic suppression. During the initial 9-month Phase I study funded by the NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts (NIAC) program under the Space Technology Mission Directorate (STMD), we focused on addressing the question of feasibility, evaluating engineering solutions, and exploring the implications for human exploration of Mars. For the Phase II effort under NASA NIAC, we have expanded our medical team and will address a number of questions regarding the medical aspects of this technology. We will also conduct detailed engineering analysis on the habitat design and evaluate the technology’s impact and ability to support future manned missions to the moons of Mars, the asteroid belt, and Jupiter/Saturn systems.