SpaceWorks Releases SCAAT Engine Concept Overview for Enabling Space Access

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Atlanta, September 10, 2013 – SpaceWorks Engineering, a division of SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI) has released details of its Supersonic Combustion Air Augmented Thrusting (SCAAT) propulsion system. The firm continues to mature and optimize this engine design with the ultimate goal of lowering the cost of space access. The Supersonic Combustion Air-Augmented Thrusting (SCAAT) engine […]

Discrete Event Simulation of Reusable Launch Vehicle Development, Acquisition, and Ground Operations

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Author: Kelly, M., Charania, A., Olds, J., DePasquale, D. Published: 14 September 2009 Paper (PDF) Presentation (PDF)   Abstract: Future reusable launch vehicles are considered to have potential benefits compared to existing and/or expendable systems. These benefits are likely to arise from reductions in turnaround time and recurring operations costs in labor and materials. Quantifying […]