Mark Elwood

Mr. Mark Elwood is the Director of Space Media Group at SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. (SEI). As the director of the SMG, Mr. Elwood and his team have produced multiple animations and technical illustrations for various space concepts and designs. These have included a Mars surface habitat, a radio-beacon mission and rendezvous spacecraft to the near-Earth asteroid Apophis, and advanced hypersonic launch vehicles for the U.S. Air Force. Additionally, Mr. Elwood manages the company website and corporate branding.

Mr. Elwood graduated from the Art Institute of Atlanta (AIA), magna cum laude, receiving awards for “Best Portfolio” and for the highest GPA in his graduating class in the Media Arts and Animation Department. Mr. Elwood specializes in conceptual illustration and works with both traditional and digital media. He is capable of producing both 3D and 2D animations. He was a member of the Animation Club/Siggraph club at AIA and has attended the Siggraph Conference. Mr. Elwood holds an artist membership in the International Association of Astronomical Artists (IAAA).