Kevin Feld

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Mr. Kevin Feld is a Senior Aerospace Engineer in the Advanced Concepts Group at SpaceWorks. Mr. Feld adds experience in aerospace design and analysis, specializing in trajectory optimization and vehicle configuration. His recent projects include the development of the QuickShot trajectory code, design of a launch vehicle for dedicated nanosatellite launch, and systems engineering for a variety of aerospace programs.

Mr. Feld is the lead developer for the QuickShot trajectory code, a tool used to perform trajectory optimization and trade studies, expected casualty calculations, and survivability analysis. He has also written a structural analysis and sizing code, Bender, for structural analysis of major launch vehicle components, the CaSCoM program for Joint Confidence Level (JCL) analysis, and the CoRAL program for cost estimation through NASA LaRC. Mr. Feld is the lead developer of the FlightSight software and assists in the development of other SpaceWorks Software products.

Mr. Feld has performed a variety of systems engineering functions for government programs, including technology roadmapping and concept trade studies for the AFRL hypersonic vehicle experiments program, rocketback maneuver studies and risk management for the AFRL Reusable Booster program, and uncertainty quantification for the Ares V program.

Kevin Feld received his Bachelor of Science degree in Aerospace Engineering with high honors from Washington University in St. Louis. He is a member of the American Institute of Aeronautics and Astronautics (AIAA).