Jose Cardona

Mr. Jose Cardona is a Mechanical Engineer at Terminal Velocity Aerospace and SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Cardona’s disciplinary focuses include conceptual design of mechanical systems, mechanical design of spacecraft structures, thermal and structural analysis for orbit, reentry and landing conditions, and hardware manufacturing.

Mr. Cardona is the lead mechanical designer for the RED-Data2 and the RED-4U reentry vehicles. His responsibilities include designing and analyzing the spacecraft structures for both vehicles as well as internal mounting structures for payloads and electronics. Mr. Cardona is also the Terminal Velocity Aerospace lead in a collaboration effort with NASA Ames Research Center with the purpose of transferring Thermal Protection System manufacturing capabilities to the private sector.

Mr. Cardona received his Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering with honors from the University of Puerto Rico in 2013. He is currently enrolled in the Master of Science in Mechanical Engineering program at the Georgia Institute of Technology.