Jordan Shulman

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Mr. Jordan Shulman is the Chief Financial Officer (CFO) of SpaceWorks Enterprises, Inc. Mr. Shulman performs managerial and business development duties in addition to a modest engineering role. His chief responsibilities include financial modeling, budgeting, contracting, and accounting.

Mr. Jordan Shulman also fills the role of an experienced space systems analyst in the Engineering Economics Group at SpaceWorks, providing extensive knowledge of aerospace market characterization as well as mission cost estimation. Utilizing curated data from SpaceWorks’ proprietary databases, he frequently provides independent business case analyses of conceptual systems. The outputs of these assessments, combined with internal decision models, optimize for the customer’s figure of merit. Results from his work regularly inform technology evaluation, market prioritization, and price optimization efforts, enabling firms to make economically sound decisions early in the conceptual system’s overall campaign.

Recently, Mr. Shulman provided extensive business case analyses that have required revenue estimation, cost projections, and internal rate of return (IRR) optimization. He spearheaded a stochastically based market characterization and business model of a proposed propulsion system in duopolistic markets that provided statistical probabilities for flight rate and IRR. He compared business cases for 12 conceptual launch vehicles and analyzed outputs to select the most economic configuration. Conversely from analyzing high-level trends, Mr. Shulman has created detailed financial models for horizontal launch systems that consider developmental and operational minutia.      Mr. Shulman holds two Bachelor’s degrees from the University of Maine in Civil Engineering and Economics. Additionally, he has received two Master’s degrees; a Master of Engineering Management from Duke University and a Master of Structural Engineering from Georgia Institute of Technology.